New Preprint: Using Statcheck in Peer Review May Reduce Errors

We investigated whether statistical reporting inconsistencies could be avoided if journals implement the tool statcheck in the peer review process.

In a preregistered study covering over 7000 articles, we compared the inconsistency rates between two journals that implemented statcheck in their peer review process (Psychological Science and Journal of Experimental and Social Psychology) with two matched control journals (Journal of Experimental Psychology: General and Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, respectively), before and after statcheck was implemented.

Preregistered multilevel logistic regression analyses showed that the decrease in both inconsistencies and decision inconsistencies around p = .05 is considerably steeper in statcheck journals than in control journals, offering support for the notion that statcheck can be a useful tool for journals to avoid statistical reporting inconsistencies in published articles.

You can find the full preprint here: