Research Interests

Science is essential for progress. We view scientific research as objective and expect it will uncover “the truth”. However, science is done by people and people make mistakes. My research interests focus on using empirical methods to uncover the flaws in the current scientific system and improve it, so we can place more trust in scientific research.

One of the solutions I think is promising, is encouraging openness. In the 5 minute video below I give my take on data sharing in psychology. This video is part of a series on open science, watch all videos here.

Education / Research

  • PhD Methodology & Statistics, Tilburg University
    December 2012 – December 2017 (defense date: May 30 2018)
    Dissertation title: Research on Research: A Meta-Scientific Study of Problems and Solutions in Psychological Science, supervisors: prof. dr. J. M. Wicherts and prof. dr. M. A. L. M. van Assen. Awarded the Tilburg University Dissertation Prize.
  • MSc Psychology (cum laude), University of Amsterdam
    September 2011 – October 2012
    Specialization: Psychological Research Methods. Thesis: A Default Bayesian Hypothesis Test for Mediation, supervisor: prof. dr. E.–J. Wagenmakers.
  • BSc Psychology (cum laude), University of Amsterdam
    September 2008 – August 2011
    Specialization: Psychological Research Methods. Thesis: The Use of the Sobel Test in Mediation Analysis, supervisor: prof. dr. J. M. Wicherts.

Currently Teaching

  • Introduction to Research Methodology
    2016 – present: Lecturer and coordinator (from 2018 onwards) for the first years psychology course “Introduction to Research Methodology” (approx. 750 students). Tilburg University

In January 2019, I was elected Teacher of the Year of Tilburg University, and in December 2019, my course Programming in R was awarded the Best Course Award in the category Research Master courses.

In the short clip below you can find an shortened version of one of my lectures for Introduction to Research Methodology. This mini-lecture was used on the Tilburg University website to help new students choose their Bachelor/minor.